Case Study

A successful launch for an international online retailer.


The Logistics

As a substantial online retailer, our client required a supplier to handle their “big and bulky” movements from vendors nationally to receivers all over the country.

With no incumbent supplier, our client’s requirements included:

  • Access to two-person crews for big and bulky deliveries.
  • Linehaul capabilities between states.
  • A controlled returns model for customer returns.
  • Heavy integration with existing ERP and eCommerce systems.
  • Flexibility to handle large scale-ups and immensely varying product profiles.

In addition, our client was looking to implement a new Direct Fulfillment (DF) model – facilitating the sale of goods directly from vendor premises to the receiver.

Key Facts

  • Significant, large-scale online retailer
  • A brand new model for Australia
  • High degree of product variability
  • eCommerce with a 90% requirement for home delivery
  • Heavy integration with existing client systems

The Smarter

We designed and implemented a bespoke home delivery service for both conveyable and unconveyable freight.

This included a reverse logistics solution, perfect for product returns. Within our client’s existing e-commerce systems, we tailored integrations to populate price at point of sale and generate transport documents.

We facilitated transport enquiries from our client’s customers, creating a single point of contact. To set our client apart from their competitors, we developed a bespoke transport solution to achieve same day delivery for customers – pending stock availability and location.

The Results

Working with Capital Logistics, our client has:

  • Achieved a successful launch of the VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) model in Australia.
  • Achieved financial success thanks to the Direct Fulfilment (DF) model.

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