Case Study

Streamlined processes for a major Australian retailer.


The Logistics

As coordinators of approximately 175 vendors, the equipment management division (EMD) of a major Australian retailer were looking to streamline their processes and invoicing.

Continued pain points for our client included:

  • Labour-heavy connote creation exercises.
  • Complicated invoicing, without the ability to trace back to the job’s origin.
  • Communication breakdowns between project management and vendors.
  • Vendors challenged by a complex system.
  • Non-conformance to strict referencing procedures.

Key Facts

  • 1000+ stores nationally
  • 200+ vendors
  • 280 project managers to coordinate
  • High complexity of invoicing
  • Varying freight profiles
  • Poor coordination between project stakeholders

The Smarter

We implemented a single point Freight Management System, improving transparency between our retailer and their vendors. Restricted referencing simplified invoicing, whilst a multi-supplier solution facilitated services nationwide.

To mitigate communication breakdowns, single-point project management coordinated freight rollout across multiple vendors and retailer-side project managers.

We became the communication bridge between our client’s project managers and their vendors.

How it all works – in a nutshell:

The Results

Working with Capital Logistics, our client has:

  • 70% of the EMD team re-deployed within one year, thanks to new efficiencies.
  • Achieved 95% DIFOT nationally.
  • Realised a significant reduction in labour by way of streamlined invoicing
  • Since working together for the first time, we have a 5-year working relationship… and counting.

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